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Our social commitment takes shape in the field

At SOLAREC, social responsibility is not a sales argument. Reliability is in our blood. So we make no concessions in our commitment to sustainability.

We constantly seek the best balance between the requirements of our economic activity, respect for people and respect for the environment. We take all the links in our chain into consideration.

A detailed action plan embodies this goal. It is structured on four main pillars under development:

strengthening the safety and well-being of our employees

innovation, diversification and the reliability of our products

the improvement of our processes

the reduction of our environmental impact


Installation of a co-generation unit at Recogne. Today it covers 40% of our electricity needs.

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SOLAREC_VISUS WEB_durabilite_2014


Modernisation of the Recogne purification plant to improve waste quality.

Launch of a recycling process for beverage carton waste.


Treatment of the steam generated by the production chain to make it potable.

Use of the water produced to clean the facilities.

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SOLAREC_VISUS WEB_durabilite_2018


Commissioning of the Baudour site, resulting in fewer milk collection journeys.


Signing of the LDA charter which encourages producers to adopt demanding standards in terms of respect for animal health, hygiene and safety and the quality of their infrastructures.

Potabilisation of waste from the wastewater treatment plant. Added to the steam already recycled, these discharges restored to the circuit mean that 60% of water used at Recogne is of recycled origin.

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SOLAREC_VISUS WEB_durabilite_2020


First stage of a study aimed at limiting our carbon footprint linked to the transporting of our products: rail transport, adaptation of the collection truck fleet (studies on gas and electric pumping).

Planned for 2021

Gradual replacement of the diesel tanker trucks with new vehicles running on LNG (liquid natural gas).

Installation of photovoltaic panels on the Badour site.

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