Quality and respect
For all

A social commitment
for all the links in our chain

Contributing to a better life
is our key mission

At SOLAREC, social commitment is an integral part of our corporate purpose. It’s a big commitment.
This is obvious for a company based exclusively on a cooperative model.

The “Better Life” concept embodies this work philosophy. Each member of our team works hard every day to bring a “better life” to our farmers by offering the best of the milk to the world.

Creating value for all our stakeholders

The ‘Better Life’ is our daily commitment. It guides our processes and operational choices. We strive to continuously improve the quality of our offer and develop products with higher added value for our customers.

We also invest in projects that enable us to control production costs. At the same time we respect the environment and the working conditions of all our stakeholders.

This will to continuously improve is based on two different, complementary approaches: a deliberate sustainability policy and hands-on quality management.

At SOLAREC, our growth targets cannot be achieved at a cost to the environment, animal well-being or the quality of life of our employees.

Our aim is twofold…. Fair remuneration for our producers. Smart growth for our company.

Rigour and transparency guide our processes at every stage of our chain.

With a continuous improvement approach, SOLAREC ensures full control of the quality of its raw materials, processes and products. This rigour has allowed us to build our reputation for reliability and to consolidate it in all our customers.