The reliability of our processes,
the cooperative spirit

From the Belgian Ardennes,
we distribute our milk products
all over the world

An exclusive sector, guarantee of quality

Since SOLAREC was set up in 1965, we have followed our philosophy of continuous improvement. SOLAREC combines the strength of traditional know-how and constantly evolving competitive processes.

We are located at the heart of Europe, in the Belgian Ardennes. We collect the milk on local farms that comply with very strict specifications. Our exclusive sector guarantees us a very high quality raw material, from farms where animal health and well-being are at the heart of the priorities.

Effective processes
serving milk producers

Once collected, we transform the milk following procedures that meet the highest quality standards for demanding customers.
We put this permanent quality standard at the service of the producers according to a cooperative model anchored in our processes and our key values: cooperation, authenticity and efficiency. Reliability is in our blood.

Our teams operate from two production sites:
our historic site at Recogne and the one at Badour, operational since 2018. This dual location enables us to be close to our milk collection areas and further enhances our processes.


billion litres of milk

transformed per year and valued at
95,000 tonnes of milk powder
45,000 tonnes of butter and
200 million litres of UHT milk



work at our 2 production sites



are our exclusive suppliers,
a gauge of continuous, quality supply



where our products are sold, on all 5 continents

has a 100%
cooperative shareholding

The capital of the limited company SOLAREC is majority held by the Laiterie des Ardennes cooperative. Four shareholders complete SOLAREC’s capital: Hochwald Foods,  Laitnaa coopérative, Avesnois-Lait and Luxlait.

For each of these cooperatives, the volume of milk provided to SOLAREC is proportional to the capital contribution of the cooperatives’ members. The producers are therefore suppliers and indirect owners of SOLAREC.